Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the viaPhone service?

viaPhone is a public telephone service using the latest VoIP technologies.

Where is the service available?

The service is available only in the selected premises in certain locations. The list of the respective locations is available here.

How does calling through T-Systems Czech Republic work?

You call in the same manner as with an analogue telephone. The difference is in the used technology of processing and transmission of the voice signal, which the customer however is not able to realize in the course of the call.

What are the benefits of the use of services provided by T-Systems Czech Republic?

  • Attractive price, which does not arise from reduction in quality nor comfort of the service operation
  • The latest VoIP technology
  • No obligations concerning minimum spent sum
  • Displayed numbers of the person calling on the display
  • Detailed list of calls in an electronic form provided free of charge
  • Non-stop monitoring of the network, 24 hours a day

What is the main difference between IP telephony (viaPhone) and calling through the Internet (Skype, etc.)?

The basic difference can be seen in four areas – security, quality, reliability and comfort of operation.

Security starts as early as on the physical level, in addition user name and password are used. Even if the name and the password is disclosed, it is not possible to telephone from different socket than from the one located in the customer’s apartment. In case of classical Internet telephony, it is possible, upon disclosure of the user name and password, to telephone from any location on the account of the owner.

Security but quality and reliability as well are based on the fact that your calls are not transmitted via the Internet, however, via the private T-Systems network. The fact that this network is totally under our control, enables us to reserve a certain band for them, which is available under any circumstances. It is not possible to experience any reduction in quality nor failures due to lack of bandwidth as it appears in case of the Internet telephony. The large bandwidth also offers a high-quality transmission of voice. In addition, the quality and comfort of calling results from the use of advanced telephones, without the necessity to have your computer switched on and wearing a headset all the time.

At the same time, T-Systems is one of the largest wholesale dealers for calling abroad for the main telecommunication operators, which means that you do not have to be worried that your call will end several meters away from the local exchange. Due to own Telekom Global Net international network, we guarantee high-quality calls all over the world.

Is it possible to save money with respect to monthly fees and telephone fees?

Yes, it is. The monthly fees and the price of telephone calls are based on the selected price plan (a tariff). The basic price plan is viaPhone Standard, which offers very interesting prices of telephone calls. The customer, who orders the viaGIA connection to the Internet or viaTV service as well, may reach other considerable savings due to a price advantageous plan viaPhone Combi or viaPhone Combi Plus.

What does mediagateway stand for?

Mediagateway is an adapter, which enables to connect an analogue telephone set or a fax machine to the data network (the viaPhone service).

Is it possible to fax?

Faxing is possible. However, the fax machine shall be connected through the mediagateway.

Most classical special-purpose fax machines work with the mediagateways recommended by our company in the T-Systems Czech Republic network without any problems. Problems and failures to function appeared in particular in case of multi-function devices of the printer / copying machine / fax machine type. We recommend consulting our Contact Centre prior to installation of the viaPhone service. With respect to variety of fax machines and not always corresponding quality of modems, we are not able to guarantee the right function of fax machines.

Jak je to s možností modemových (dial-up) spojení?

Přístup do Internetu (dial-up) přes modem není z technického hlediska možné zaručit. Modemová spojení nad VoIP technologií se podařilo 100% uskutečnit pouze v laboratorních podmínkách a v podmínkách reálného provozu se považují za obtížně realizovatelná. Zákazníci, kteří používají modemová spojení pro spravování svých účtů v bance apod., by měli raději zvolit jinou alternativu. Např. Internet banking, Mobil banking, Telefon banking apod.

Is it possible to use modem (dial-up) connection?

It is not possible to guarantee an access to the Internet via a modem (dial-up) for technical reasons. Modem-based connections above the VoIP technology were managed to be performed fully in laboratory conditions only, and under conditions of real operation their realization is regarded as very difficult. The customers who use modem connection for administration of their bank accounts should therefore select another alternative. e. g. Internet banking, Mobil banking, Telephone banking, etc.

Is it possible to connect an old telephone set?

Yes, it is. An analogue telephone has to be connected via mediagateway.

Is it possible to use own IP telephone?

It is possible. Such a telephone should be certified and it should be listed in the list of IP telephones approved for operation in the T-Systems Czech Republic network. Should it not be this case, then we are not able to guarantee reliability and availability of all the services. At the same time, the customer shall not interfere with the operation of the network.

Is it possible to use an IP telephone without the 230V electric network adapter (power supply directly from an electric socket)?

This is not possible. IP telephones operated in the public telephone network of T-Systems Czech Republic require own power supply from a 230V socket in the location of installation. For this reason, an external power supply (adapter) must be used for power supply designed for the respective type of the telephone set. In most cases, it is included in the IP telephone delivery. However, in some cases it is necessary to purchase the adapter separately. Verify this information at your IP telephone dealer.

Is it possible to call to emergency and information lines?

Yes, it is. With the viaPhone service, you will have no problems to call emergency telephone numbers (such as 112, 150, 155, 158 …), information numbers and the so-called "colour" lines (such as 800 xxx xxx, 840, 841, 844, 900 …).

How long is the contractual relationship concluded for?

The contractual relationship is concluded for an indefinite period of time or for 24 months.

Methods of payments for the viaGIA, viaPhone and viaTV telecommunication services

The viaGIA, viaPhone and viaTV may be paid using either of the following methods:

  • 1. Repeated payment by collection from an account (recommended method of settlement)

For this payment, it is necessary to arrange for the so-called collection order (encashment – in Czech "inkaso") in your bank allowing T-Systems to collect money for the provided services from your account. Further on, everything proceeds fully automatically and you do not have to care any longer. Within the collection, it is possible to determine the so-called collection limit – a maximum amount, which may be collected on a lump-sum basis within the framework of the respective collection payment (be careful about collection limit concerning payments in case of variable monthly amounts, such as telephone services).

Upon payment via collection, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Fill in your account number in the Contract, to the debit of which collection is to be performed
  • Arrange for the collection order in your bank and allow for collection to the credit of the below-mentioned account of T-Systems
  • Do not fill in variable symbol (it is used as an identifier of the payment)
  • Make sure that to the date of maturity (the 14th day in the respective month) there is sufficient balance on your account, to the debit of which collection is performed, so that collection may be executed

This form of payment releases you from the duty to watch the oncoming date of maturity every month and at the same time, you do not lose control over sums, which are to be withdrawn from your account automatically.

  • 2. Lump-sum payment

Upon receiving the invoice, you perform a lump-sum payment, either electronically or in person at your bank. The number of the invoice is to be used as the variable symbol; you should not round the sum.

Bank details of T-Systems (applicable to both lump-sum direct payments and for collection):

Account name: T-Systems Czech Republic a.s.
Account number: 1905602
Bank code: 0800

The method of payment shall be selected beforehand in this Contract. In the course of validity of the Contract, the method of payment may be changed upon agreement with the Provider.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform payment by arrangement of a permanent payment order (the variable symbol serves as an identifier of the payment period – it is changed every month). In this case, it would not be possible to identify the incoming payment and you might be unjustly identified as a defaulter. Therefore, we would like to ask you not to arrange for a permanent payment order for payments concerning services provided by T-Systems – this will help you avoid problems with missing or delayed payments.

Is a division into periods of a busy and a light traffic (peak and off-peak hours) employed in T-Systems Czech Republic?

Yes, it is. There is a division into a period of a busy traffic (peak hours) and a period of a light traffic (off-peak hours).
The period of peak hours is on working days from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The period of off-peak hours light traffic is on working days from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., at weekends and on public holidays from 0:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Is it possible to maintain (transfer) the original telephone number?

Yes, it is. Upon ordering the service, it is necessary to request the T-Systems Czech Republic to transfer the number by filling in the form available on the relevant website. This concerns a service subject to the payment of a fee paid to the operator, which issued the number, through the T-Systems Czech Republic.

In the room where I wish to use the service, there is insufficient number of telecommunication sockets. What shall I do?

For each socket connected directly to T-Systems it is possible to order and to operate all the viaHome services (viaGIA / viaTV / viaPhone) at the same time on condition that you adapt the socket using the so-called home router (homegateway). This function, implemented since autumn 2008, is called OnePort and you may find more information on it in the Documents for download section.

I would like to learn more about telecommunication distribution frames in my apartment. Where shall I get such information?

General information on distribution frames are summarized in the "OnePort – multiple services on one socket" document. If your apartment is equipped with a home distribution box for telecommunication service as well, we recommend you to read also the "Home distribution box for telecommunication services". Both the documents are available in the Documents for download section.

I failed to find the answer to my question here. What shall I do?

Address our Contact Centre, where our well-trained operators are ready to help you.



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