Information about the service

viaPhone is a telephone service using advanced VoIP technologies representing a brand new type of approach to provision of the public telephone service to households. Upon connecting to the new generation VoIP network, you acquire an access to a technology, which exceeds classical transmission of voice in many aspects and has functions, which are out of the scope of offer of a standard telephone exchange. Basic use of a telephone however remains as easy as you are used to.

The viaPhone service is offered in three variants: viaPhone Standard, viaPhone Combi and viaPhone Combi Plus.

  • calls within T-Systems
  • calls within Czech Republic – fixed lines
  • calls within Czech Republic – mobiles
  • monthly fee
  • viaPhone Standard
  • for free
  • 0.58 CZK / min.
  • 3.22 CZK / min.
  • 199,-
  • viaPhone Combi
  • for free
  • 0.47 CZK / min.
  • 2.93 CZK / min.
  • 119,-
  • viaPhone Combi Plus
  • for free
  • 0.41 CZK / min.
  • 2.83 CZK / min.
  • 149,-
Combi Plus

Prices of international calls into fixed networks (selected destinations):

Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, USA, UK… 1.59 CZK / min.
Finland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Slovenia… 2.29 CZK / min.
Bulgaria, China, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong… 5.89 CZK / min.

1.) The viaPhone Standard is a basic tariff. If you order together with the viaPhone service, the viaGIA Internet connection service or the viaTV digital cable television service, you will be provided with the possibility to use price advantageous Combi tariffs.
Of the above-mentioned, the viaPhone Combi tariff has a lower monthly flat rate and slightly higher prices of telephone calls and for this reason, this service is more beneficial for persons who do not have too many telephone calls. On the contrary, the viaPhone Combi Plus is more suitable for those, who use the service often.

The specified prices are VAT exclusive. The complete price list is available here.

The viaPhone telephone service is a prime example of how budget-price calls may be. The customer is provided with a service, which has been available only to corporate customers until recently. The main benefit of the service is the calls prices. If you compare the price list of the T-Systems Czech Republic with the relevant prices of standard telephone lines or with the price list of the mobile operators, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you wish to call at any time, without necessity to be restricted, this service is made to your measure.

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viaPhone key features

  • public telephone service – all types of calling (local, distant, international, mobile, emergency and colour lines)
  • professional solution using the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies
  • attractive telephone charges – in the T-Systems network free of charge
  • many advanced functions (e.g. display of caller’s number, possibility of blocking selected types of outgoing calls etc.)
  • wide selection of IP telephones
  • detailed list of calls in an electronic form free of charge
  • allocation of a new telephone number or possibility to keep the existing one (by its transfer form the previous operator)

At the same time you get with us:

  • experience and background of the largest telecommunication company in Europe
  • professional quality and approach
  • customer support
  • 3P (triple play) solution – Internet, television and voice from one provider and on one technical platform
  • continuous pro-active network supervision

Technical and other information

In case of the viaPhone service, either IP telephones or a classical analogue telephone with a special adapter (mediagateway) may be used. Through the mediagateway, it is possible to connect a fax machine as well.

An IP telephone resembles a classical telephone set as far as its appearance is concerned. It digitalizes analogue voice signal directly and converts it into packets of the IP protocol (Internet Protocol), which are subsequently transmitted along the telephone network to the person called. An IP telephone is not to be connected to a private branch exchange however to the Ethernet port (the RJ 45 socket in your apartment). Unlike classical telephones, basic models of these ones are equipped with a wide range of extension functions such as volume regulation or information display. Models of a higher quality are equipped with a large graphic display, where information concerning calls (received, not-received, outgoing) are displayed, including their length; incoming calls are identified by name from the telephone directory. An IP telephone makes many standard exceeding functions, which are well-known from mobile phones, available for the user.

The use of IP telephones is easy; the user operates an IP telephone in the same manner as the classical one.

All IP telephone sets and adapters used for the viaPhone service shall support the so-called SIP protocol. A list of type of telephone sets / adapters, which have been tested for the purpose of their use in the T-Systems Czech Republic network is available in the IP telephones section.



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