The T-Systems Czech Republic a.s. company was established in 1996 under name Pragonet, a.s. as a provider of telecommunication services. In the course of time, the company changed from the original metropolitan operator to a nationwide company with several hundreds of employees offering local as well as global solutions covering the entire scope of information and telecommunication technologies, including consultation and coordination activities.

The T-Systems Group is one of the leading European providers of services and solutions concerning information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) whose philosophy is to offer any telecommunication solution wherever around the world. Together with T-Mobile and T-Com the company belongs to the largest European operator the Deutsche Telekom AG. The T-Systems Group has more than 42,000 employees all over the world and provides services in more than 40 countries around the world.

The primary customers of T-Systems are corporations and telecommunication operators. Due to extensive requirements of such clients and our powerful economic background, it is our standard to provide for best-quality service, to use only robust “industrial” telecommunication technologies and equipment, and of course always stand by our promises. Now we are ready to provide our residential customers with this approach as well.

More information about T-Systems including its product portfolio can be found here.

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