T-Systems + T-Mobile - a merger!

T-Systems + T-Mobile - a merger!

29. 11. 2013

Information about a planned merger.

Dear Customers of the viaHome services,

Deutsche Telekom Group represented in the Czech market by companies T-Systems Czech Republic a.s. and T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. has long been working on the harmonization of the activities of these two companies for both, the corporate and residential customers.

We therefore announce that as part of strategy to strengthen the role of leading domestic operator, the two companies intend to complete the merger by acquisition. This step will enable us to respond more flexibly to current trends in the mobile and fixed communications, IT and systems integration and to better meet the requirements of You, our customers.

As a result of the merger, we will soon be able to offer you a combination of our existing viaHome services and mobile services of T-Mobile for a good price.

The whole article about the planned merger can be found here.

Possible enquiries regarding viaHome service integration:

Will contractual conditions and documents of viaHome services undergo any change owing to T-Systems and T-Mobile integration?
Yes, partly they will. As a result of the Electronic communications Act update new General business conditions and new Business terms for individual viaHome services will come into force as on January 26, 2013. Other documents (contracts, pricelists) remain without change. General business conditions and Business terms changes depend of the legislative environment change incited by the new Civil code. You will be informed about these changes on time.

Why are the viaHome services newly denoted by the T-Mobile logo and not by the T-Systems mark?
The part of this new strategy is to integrate the offerings of both companies for households under one,  the T-Mobile brand. This integration is aimed at the offering of complex telecommunication services to you from one provider under more favourable conditions

I want to order the viaHome service as a T-Mobile customer. Whom shall I address?
The viaHome services can be actually acquired through developers´ offerings only. The contact data remain unchanged. viaHome Customer Centre, Phone no. 236099333, mail: Personal contact address exclusively: Na Pankráci 1685/17,19, 14021 Praha 4, i.e. not in  common T-Mobile shops. We stand at your disposal on working days between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

I am a T-Mobile customer actually, can I enjoy better conditions when ordering viaHome services?
This issue is an object of hot discussions and the introduction of customers preferences is under consideration who would make use of actual viaHome services and T-Mobile mobile services. You will hear of us on time about this issue.

Am I, as the viaHome services customer, entitled for preferential services in case of T-Mobile services?
This issue is the object of intense discussion and preferential services introduction is under consideration for customers employing actual viaHome services and T-Mobile mobile services as well. All viaHome customers will be informed at proper time. Please follow our web pages.

As a T-Mobile client I use viaHome services at the same time. Will I get one common account and one invoice?
You will be billed with two separate accounts, respectively invoices,  for the time being.

Is there any change regarding the billing mode and bank account numbers for the settlement of viaHome services?
There is absolutely no change.

Can I sign the contract for viaHome services in the T-Mobile shop?
Unfortunately it is impossible for the time being. The contract can be signed through the viaHome Customers Centre, Phone no.:+420 236 099 333, e-mail: Personal contact address exclusively: Na Pankráci 1685/17,19, 140 21 Praha 4.

Is there any change in the correspondence address for delivering of contracts and documents?
The company domicile remains the same as well as the correspondence address:
T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Na Pankráci 1685/17, 19
140 21 Praha 4

Why are General business conditions for viaHome services subject of a change? Does it coincide with the T-Sytems and T-Mobile merger?
General business conditions modifications arise from the merger  situation where as a rule one company=one general business regulation prevails, but also from the actual changes of the legislation  in general – the new Civil Code and Electronic communications Act update.

Where can I lodge my claim regarding the viaHome end equipment? Can I lodge my claim simply in a T-Mobile shop?
We recommend you to address our Customer Centre actually. We will do our best to enable the logging of your viaHome equipment claims with the T-Mobile shops in the future. Any eventual claim is to be logged with the viaHome Customer Centre, Phone no. +420 236 099 333, e-mail: Personal contact adress exclusively: Na Pankráci 1685/17,19, 140 21 Praha 4.

Can I expect a wider availability of viaHome services in other localities for the future?
Yes, of course. A gradual expansion is under consideration for the future in line with the company strategy in the rapid internet access field, digital TV and telephony areas.

My contract for viaHome services with T-Systems is valid. Is it going to be the fact automatically in the future as well? Shall I solve anything after the merger (sign any amendments or a new contract)?
Yes.  Your contract remains valid without any change. No additional steps from your side are necessary. All contracts are automatically converted to the T-Mobile company.

Can I enjoy, as a T-Mobile employee, any viaHome rebate within the employees´ benefits?
It is impossible actually. Both companies still work on their benefits programmes consolidation.

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