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The current program offer includes 4 basic program packages: viaTV Basic (27 channels), Complet (77 channels), Premium (80 channels) and Cinema (82 channels).

A list of the individual programs in the above-mentioned packages is provided in this table:

        ČT 1 Czech comprehensive
ČT 2 Czech comprehensive
ČT 24 Czech news
ČT 4 Sport Czech sport
ČT:D / ART Czech for kids / art
Nova Czech comprehensive
Nova Cinema Czech comprehensive
Nova Fanda Czech for men
Nova Smíchov Czech comedial
Telka Czech comprehensive
Prima Czech comprehensive
Prima Love Czech romantic
Prima COOL Czech comprehensive
Prima Zoom Czech documentary
Barrandov TV Czech comprehensive
Pohoda Czech comprehensive
STV 1 Slovak comprehensive
STV 2 Slovak comprehensive
Óčko Czech music
Šlágr Czech music
TV Noe Czech religious
TA3 Slovak news
EuroNews English news
France 24 English news
ČT HD Czech comprehensive
STV 1 HD Slovak comprehensive
Markíza Slovak comprehensive

JOJ+ Slovak comprehensive

Spektrum Czech documentary

Discovery channel Czech documentary

Animal Planet Czech documentary

National Geographic Czech / English documentary

National Geographic Czech / English documentary

NAT GEO Wild Czech / English documentary

Nova Sport Czech sport

Eurosport Czech sport

Eurosport 2 Czech / English sport
Sport 1 Czech sport
Sport 2 HD Czech sport

Golf Channel HD
Czech / English sport - golf

Sport5 Czech sport - motorsport

MTV English s tit. music

Vh 1 English music

Musiq1 Slovak music
FajnRock Czech music

Minimax / Animax * Czech for kids

Disney channel Czech for kids

JimJam Czech for kids

Baby TV English / German / French for kids

AXN Czech filmový / seriálový

AXN Crime Czech film&TV series

AXN Sci-Fi Czech film&TV series

CS Film / CS Mini * Czech film&TV series / for kids

Film+ Czech film&TV series

MGM Czech film&TV series

Cartoon Network / Turner * English film&TV series / for kids
Film Europe Channel HD orig. / Czech sub. film&TV series
Filmbox Czech film&TV series
Filmbox Plus Czech film&TV series

Romantica Czech romantic

TV Doma Slovak romantic

Fashion TV English fashion

TV Živa Slovak healthy lifestyle

Reality TV Czech reality TV

Arte HD German / French comprehensive

CNN International English news

CNBC English news

Bloomberg English news

Deutsche Welle German news

France 24 (FR) French news

TV 5 Monde French comprehensive

ORF 1 German comprehensive

ORF 2 German comprehensive

HBO Czech / orig. film&TV series

HBO 2 Czech / orig. film&TV series

HBO Comedy Czech / orig. film&TV series

Cinemax Czech / orig. film&TV series

Cinemax 2 Czech / orig. film&TV series


  viaTV Basic
  viaTV Complet
  viaTV Premium
  viaTV Cinema

* both channels share the same program position and change during the day, each of them is broadcasted at different times.
The order of the programs is default and can be individually changed.

Within your paper viaTV contract, you can order one of the abovementioned packages. The Complet, Premium and Cinema packages offer additional thematic TV packages in the form of Self-Care.

List of thematic packages as of 9/01/2013:


(11 programs)

Popular Czech and Slovak channels in HD resolution. Part of the program is broadcasted directly in HD, part is upscaled from quality uncompressed studio SDI signal. CS HD thus provides the most popular stations in the best possible quality.

CS HD HD ČT 2 Czech comprehensive
HD ČT 24 Czech news
HD ČT 4 Sport Czech sport
HD Nova Czech comprehensive
HD Nova Cinema Czech comprehensive
HD Prima Czech comprehensive
HD Prima COOL Czech comprehensive
HD Barrandov TV Czech comprehensive
HD STV 2 Slovak comprehensive
HD Markíza Slovak comprehensive
HD JOJ+ Slovak comprehensive
HD TV Doma Slovak romantic


(10 programs)

This is a package for the entire family. It includes lifestyle channels (with interesting programs from around the world, documentaries, travel programs as well as for example suspense (ID:Discovery Investigation) or Fishing&Hunting, the favorite channel of fishing and hunting enthusiasts. All the channels are broadcasted in English as well. The package will feature further channels in the future, including channels for children.

Family Fishing&Hunting Czech / English Fishing&Hunting
Travel Channel Czech / English traveling
Discovery World Czech / English documentary
Discovery / Travel&Living English / Czech documentary
Discovery Science Czech / English science/technics
ID:Investigation Discovery English / Russian criminalistics
Kino CS Czech film&TV series
Doku CS Czech documentary
Muzika CS Czech music
duckTV HD only sounds for small kids
Boomerang English for kids

World TV

(12 programs)

This package includes the most known TV channel of neighboring countries

World TV
3SAT German comprehensive
ARD (Das Erste) German comprehensive
ZDF German comprehensive
ZDFneo German comprehensive
ZDFkultur German culture
RAI UNO Italian comprehensive
France 2 French comprehensive
France 3 French news
TVE Internacional Spanish comprehensive
Canal 24 horas Spanish news
TVP Polonia Polish comprehensive
Boomerang English for kids


(6 programs)

The new channel package Rossija contains popular Russian channels from the Russian media group Channel One Russia. It contains five of their channels - the comprehensive channel Pervij kanal (Channel One Russia), film channel Dom Kino, music channel Muzika Pervogo, Vremja - a documentary channel and a popular channel for kids - Karousel. Moreover, as a bonus you get ID:Investigation Discovery, which is available both in Russian and English.

Rossija Previj kanal (Channel One Russia)
Russian comprehensive
Dom Kino Russian film&TV series
Muzika Pervogo Russian music
Vremja Russian documentary
Karousel Russian for kids
ID:Investigation Discovery Russian / English

The prices of the individual packages are provided in the Price List.

The program concerning broadcasting the individual TV programs is available on the Internet, for example here, or in printed TV magazines.



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