I am interested – how to order?

At present, it is possible to order the viaTV service using materials you received from the developer of your residential premises upon takeover of your apartment. You may find these materials on this website as well.

The procedure of ordering is very simple. All the services may be ordered independently or in a bargain package.

First check out whether our services are available in the area where you wish to activate them.

Please read our conditions for the services (viaHome Business Terms and Conditions, T-Mobile General Terms and Conditions  and Terms and Conditions for Processing Subscribers´Data) the Price List of the viaTV service and if you agree with them, the only thing which is necessary to do, is to fill in is the Contract for the viaTV service and to send it in two signed copies via mail (post) to our Customer Centre viaHome. Subsequently, the service will be installed for you and you will be sent back one copy of the Contract confirmed by our company.

If you fail to specify the respective date, to which you wish to have the service installed, in the Contract, then the service shall be installed within the earliest possible date as from the date of receipt of the written Contract signed by you. In this case, the service is usually installed within 14 days, mostly earlier.

The process of the service installation may not be started until the takeover of the apartment on the part of the Customer. This should be taken into account, in particular, in case of specification of a certain date for the service activation. However, the filled-in Contract may be signed and sent sooner.

For the purpose of connection of a standard television set in case of the viaTV service, the terminal device (IP set-top box) is necessary. Such an IP set-top box may be ordered within the framework of the service either for lease (recommended option) or you may buy it. In case of a set-top box, it is possible to collect it either in person in the T-Systems company or you may have it delivered to the location where the installation is to be performed (in return for a fee, see the price list).

Information about the set-top box, including a detailed manual, can be found here.

In case of any inquiries, our Customer Centre viaHome is at your disposal.



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