Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the viaTV service stand for?

viaTV is a service providing for digital cable television.

What does viaTV provide?

The core of the service is a selection of television and radio channels, plus an electronic program guide (EPG), which informs about the individual programs.

ViaTV also offers many uncommon features within Enhanced TV – option to pause live TV broadcast, rewind a program or replay it from the start. A video recording option is also provided with no need of any additional equipment. The mosaic function enables viewing 9 TV channels simultaneously.

Where is the service available?

The service is available only in the selected premises in certain locations. The list of the respective locations is available here.

What do I need for viaTV?

For the purpose of connection to a standard television set, you need the so-called IP set-top box. More detailed information is available here. In addition, it is necessary to have one port on the data socket free (so that the service could be connected).

What are the variants of the viaTV service on offer?

There are currently four versions of the service. They differ mainly in price and amount of channels. Further differences include capacity of the video recorder, and the option to use the Self-Care service (which is not available for viaTV Basic). For more details, see the price list.

How are the viaTV services charged/billed?

All of the alternatives are charged with a monthly fee according to the valid price list. Installation is free of charge. Another necessary payment is for the set-top box, which can be either leased or bought, see below. If you order additional packages of channels via the Self-Care, these will also be charged with a monthly rate.

What does a set-top box stand for?

A set-top box (sometimes also just STB) is a small electronic device, which receives the viaTV television signal and transmits it into the television set. This concerns a necessary device for this service. In principle, this concerns a similar device as a DVB-T set-top box for terrestrial digital broadcasting.

I have a DVB-T set-top box for terrestrial digital broadcasting. Is it possible to use it for the viaTV service as well?

Unfortunately not. Although principles are the same, the two devices differ technically to a considerable extent and this means that it could not work (it would also be physically impossible to connect it to the T-Systems network as it has not the right connector). The situation is similar in case of a DVB-C (digital cable television) and a DVB-S (digital satellite television) set-top box. In case of viaTV, the so-called IP set-top box is concerned.

How shall I get a set-top box?

At present, the T-Systems Czech Republic leases and sells set-top boxes. A set-top box may be ordered within the framework of the service Contract (order form), either as a subject-matter of the lease (this option is recommended) or you may buy it. In case of a set-top box, it is possible either to collect it from the T-Systems company or you may have it delivered to the location where installation is to be performed (in return for a fee, see the price list).

To buy or to lease a set-top box?

With the new generation of the service, the T-Systems company converts primarily to the model of the leased device. In this manner, a set-top box, more or less, becomes included in the service – T-Systems provides for its maintenance and repairs in case of its failure (and in the meantime, you are borrowed another one so that you could use the service without any interruption), and the main thing is that the company guarantees that you will always have a set-top box, which will work perfectly with our service (whether it is the current type Motorola VIP 1910 or another model employed in the future). Generally, a set-top box may be considered as a secondary device, which just arranges the thing that matters most – entertainment and enjoyment while watching the viaTV television and knowing that you do not have to care for it.

A set-top box in your possession means a sort of value, for which you have to care and in relation to which you have to take certain risks comparable to the ones when buy a television set. If there is a failure, you take it to the service, you wait for the repair, you pay for the after-warranty service and you do not know when the device is so obsolete that it is unusable any longer.

From this point of view, it is quite advisable to lease the device.  

Is it possible to use other than the set-top box on offer, or is it possible to import it individually from abroad?

Both options are without a guarantee concerning functionality, even in case of a set-top box recommended here, on our website, there may be problems with the so-called firmware (internal software in the set-top box).

How shall I connect the television set?

The television set may be connected through the standard SCART cable, delivered with the set-top box. On the output of the SCART connector, apart from classical composite output, also RGB and S-Video outputs may be activated through the set-top box.
For the purpose of high-definition broadcasting (HDTV), it is possible to use the HDMI digital HD output or the YPbPr analogue HD output. Sound is available both in an analogue stereo or in a digital form (optical as well as metallic one).

Detailed instructions concerning a set-top box are available here.

Is it possible to use a computer equipped with the relevant software for watching viaTV?

We are considering this option, at present; however, this is not possible. There is a problem concerning copyright on the part of some TV stations and some other technical problems as well.

Is it possible to connect several television sets to the viaTV service?

Using a suitable cable, however, only "behind the set-top box", which means that what is coming out of the set-top box, will be in all the television sets. For this reason, it is not possible to watch two different channels.

Is it possible to record?

It is possible to connect a recording device (VCR, hard drive device, etc.) to the set-top box via scart or HDMI and record. However, some TV stations do not allow this and may broadcast disturbing signals to hamper any recording. We thus recommend using the virtual video recorder, which saves the selected program directly to our server and you can watch it from there. For a detailed description of the process, see the set-top box manual.

The capacity of the video recorder is as follows: viaTV Basic – 3 hours, viaTV Complet – 8 hours, viaTV Premium and Cinema – 10 hours. If this capacity is exceeded, it is not possible to record further without deleting something.

Only the following channels may be recorded (all channels which support Enhanced TV): ČT1, ČT2, ČT 24, ČT 4 Sport, Nova, Nova Cinema, Nova Sport, Prima, Prima Cool, Barrandov, Óčko, TV Noe, STV1, Markíza, Spektrum, Discovery, Animal Planet, Eurosport, Vh1, Minimax/Animax, Disney, Romantica, AXN, Film+, HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, Cinemax, Cinemax 2.

This list is subject to change.

What is Enhanced TV and what does it offer, compared to standard TV?

With Enhanced TV you can fully control the live broadcast, as if you were playing it from a VCR – you can pause live TV, rewind or replay it from the beginning. This function is limited to selected channels and a certain time span.

3 hours - ČT1, Nova, Prima, STV1, Markíza, AXN, Film+, HBO, HBO 2, HBO Comedy, Cinemax, Cinemax 2.
2 hours - ČT2, ČT24, ČT4, Nova Cinema, Prima Cool, TV Barrandov, Óčko, Spektrum, Minimax/Animax, Disney, Romantica.
1 hour – TV Noe, Vh1, Discovery, Animal Planet, Eurosport, Nova Sport.

This list is subject to change.

If a channel is not included in the list, the Enhanced TV functions cannot be used.

This includes the option to record programs to the virtual video recorder (with no need of additional equipment) – this only applies to channels included in Enhanced TV. The time span does not mean the maximum length of recording – you can record as you wish, provided that no more than the stated time span has elapsed from the start of the program. It is not possible to use the virtual video recorder to record other channels than those in the list.

For a detailed description and controls of Enhanced TV, see the set-top box manual.

How long does it take to arrange for installation and activation of the service?

The service is usually installed within 14 days, but in most cases sooner. For the purpose of the service activation, it is not necessary to enter the customer’s apartment.

Methods of payments for the viaGIA, viaPhone and viaTV telecommunication services

The viaGIA, viaPhone and viaTV may be paid using either of the following methods:

  • 1. Repeated payment by collection from an account (recommended method of settlement)

For this payment, it is necessary to arrange for the so-called collection order (encashment – in Czech "inkaso") in your bank allowing T-Systems to collect money for the provided services from your account. Further on, everything proceeds fully automatically and you do not have to care any longer. Within the collection, it is possible to determine the so-called collection limit – a maximum amount, which may be collected on a lump-sum basis within the framework of the respective collection payment (be careful about collection limit concerning payments in case of variable monthly amounts, such as telephone services).

Upon payment via collection, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Fill in your account number in the Contract, to the debit of which collection is to be performed
  • Arrange for the collection order in your bank and allow for collection to the credit of the below-mentioned account of T-Systems
  • Do not fill in variable symbol (it is used as an identifier of the payment)
  • Make sure that to the date of maturity (the 14th day in the respective month) there is sufficient balance on your account, to the debit of which collection is performed, so that collection may be executed

This form of payment releases you from the duty to watch the oncoming date of maturity every month and at the same time, you do not lose control over sums, which are to be withdrawn from your account automatically.

  • 2. Lump-sum payment

Upon receiving the invoice, you perform a lump-sum payment, either electronically or in person at your bank. The number of the invoice is to be used as the variable symbol; you should not round the sum.

Bank details of T-Systems (applicable to both lump-sum direct payments and for collection):

Account name: T-Systems Czech Republic a.s.
Account number: 1905602
Bank code: 0800

The method of payment shall be selected beforehand in this Contract. In the course of validity of the Contract, the method of payment may be changed upon agreement with the Provider.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform payment by arrangement of a permanent payment order (the variable symbol serves as an identifier of the payment period – it is changed every month). In this case, it would not be possible to identify the incoming payment and you might be unjustly identified as a defaulter. Therefore, we would like to ask you not to arrange for a permanent payment order for payments concerning services provided by T-Systems – this will help you avoid problems with missing or delayed payments.

If I pay for viaTV, is it still necessary to pay the licence fees to the Czech Television?

Yes, the licence fees are bound to the mere ownership of a device being able to receive the TV signal (a television set), therefore it is necessary to continue paying them.

(note: television and radio licence fees are subject of the Czech legislation, they are paid to Czech Televison and/or Czech Radio.)

In the room where I wish to use the service, there is insufficient number of telecommunication sockets. What shall I do?

For each socket connected directly to T-Systems it is possible to order and to operate all the viaHome services (viaGIA / viaTV / viaPhone) at the same time on condition that you adapt the socket using the so-called home router (homegateway). This function, implemented since autumn 2008, is called OnePort and you may find more information on it in the Documents for download section.

I would like to learn more about telecommunication distribution frames in my apartment. Where shall I get such information?

General information on distribution frames are summarized in the "OnePort – multiple services on one socket" document. If your apartment is equipped with a home distribution box for telecommunication service as well, we recommend you to read also the "Home distribution box for telecommunication services". Both the documents are available in the Documents for download section.

I failed to find the answer to my question here. What shall I do?

Address our Contact Centre, where our well-trained operators are ready to help you.



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