Enhanced TV

On September 1, 2010, T-Systems launched Enhanced TV as a part of its viaTV cable television service. It provides unprecedented interactive functions, enabled by the use of the IPTV platform.

Enhanced TV provides the following new features:

Pause the TV broadcast

A feature that many have longed for. Imagine that you are watching an interesting film and the telephone rings. What will you do? With standard TV, you cannot do anything. With viaTV, press the pause button on your remote control and the film will pause. When your phone call is over, press play and the film will continue from the place it was paused. You think that's not possible with a TV broadcast? You are right, but viaTV is not an ordinary TV.

Replay a program from the beginning

You come home, turn on the TV and find out that a film is on which you've always wanted to see, but it's nearly over. No problem, with the new functions you can replay an ongoing film from the beginning.

Rewind the TV broadcast

You are watching an interesting program and you lose attention for a while and miss the point. "What a pity," you say to yourself. "If only I could rewind it!" With Enhanced TV, this is possible. You can pause the program, rewind it a bit, replay your favorite part several times and then go on watching. Unfortunately, it's not possible to fast-forward (at least not yet) – so you cannot find out how a football match or lottery will end :-)

Video recording

viaTV now offers a recording option. It is not necessary to connect anything to the set-top box or add any additional technology. Just press the buttons on your existing set-top box. Besides standard recording of live broadcasts, it is possible to record programs with a timer when you are not present. Of course, you can watch a different channel than the one you are recording, or record multiple channels simultaneously. That's not all – you can also record an ongoing film from its beginning. Please note that the recorded programs are stored for one month.


Owners of "better" TV sets will remember the Picture in Picture function, which displayed a second channel in the corner of the screen. viaTV can do this with up to nine channels on a single screen. With such a mosaic, you will never lose track of what is going on.


Even the best TV set is worthless without good content, from which everyone can select something. Self-Care enables users to order extra channels in the form of thematic packages.

We are currently launching three packages so users will get acquainted with the Self-Care function – World TV - a package of the most popular foreign programs; CS HD, which contains popular Czech and Slovak programs in HD resolution; and the family Family package. Both packages are priced at 1 CZK per month. For CS HD this price is permanent, for Family this is a promotional price until the end of August 2012 (the expected price after more programs are added is 89 CZK per month excluding VAT).The news for June 2012 is a new package Rossija with a selection of the best Russian channels. Other packages are about to come.

Other packages should follow. Why is it named Self-Care? The reason is simple – you can order the packages by yourself from home, using simply the remote control of your set-top box.


See the set-top box manual for a detailed description of the abovementioned functions and their control.



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