Information about the service

viaTV is a new generation cable TV. What does it mean? Digital quality of image and sound without any disturbance or speckling and without the necessity to install an aerial. Uncompromising quality unaffected with weather and atmospheric disturbances, without interferences of programme filters used at some cable TVs. Quality based on revolutionary IPTV technology (Internet Protocol TV), the universal technology used by TV studios and to which your computer understands and which provides many function standard TV can only dream about (pause and rewind TV broadcast, replay an ongoing program from the beginning, mosaic, virtual video recorder…)

The viaTV service is offered in four variants:

  • Channels
  • Price CZK / month
  • viaTV Basic
  • 27
  • 125
viaTV Basic
  • viaTV Complet
  • 77
  • 319
viaTV Complet
  • viaTV Premium
  • 80
  • 495
viaTV Premium
  • viaTV Cinema
  • 82
  • 599
viaTV Cinema

Another channels are available via the Self-Care:

  • Channels
  • Price CZK / month
  • CS HD
  • 11
  • from 1
  • Family
  • 10
  • from 1 *
  • World TV
  • 11
  • from 1 *
  • Rossija
  • 6
  • from 99

The prices are based on the selected basic variant, see the Pricelist for details

* promotional price until 10/31/2013

Due to the constant development of the television market, the structure of program packages and number of channels can change.

The program offers in a clearly organized table.

The specified prices are VAT exclusive. The complete price list is available here.
Starting with 6/1/2013, the Act no. 496/2012 On Audiovision newly launches additional fee in the sum of 1% of the price of the provided viaTV cable television services as a fee into the State Fund of Cinematography.

The viaTV service is offered in four basic variants – Basic, Complet, Premium and Cinema. These variants differ from each other by the number of broadcast programs. The limited Basic variant represents an alternative to the Czech local digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T) combined with high-quality and easily understandable Slovak nationwide channels. The Complet variant contains practically all cable “evergreens” – subject-oriented popular programs. The Premium and the Cinema variants are based on the Complet variant and you will find there classical programs of the first-class premiere film channels in the form of the HBO and the Cinemax channels.

Installation of the service is free of charge, namely without the necessity to conclude any long-term contracts for a definite period of time.

HINT! How to save money? See our special offers and discounted packages of services!

viaTV Self-Care

Self-Care enables ordering of additional TV channels in the form of additional thematic packages.
Ordering and cancellation is done by the customer directly via the TV screen. No paper contract is necessary.
It necessary that the customer is already a subscriber of one of the abovementioned basic viaTV packages. In the menu displayed on the TV screen, the customer selects the preferred package of channels, enters the purchase PIN and the channels will automatically be enabled. Of course, these packages are optional.

For a detailed description of the process, see the set-top box manual.

viaTV key features:

  • digital quality of image and sound without disturbance and speckling – solve the digitalization this way
  • dozens of TV channels including the premium channels
  • without necessity to install an aerial
  • without disturbance of atmospheric effects
  • monthly fixed payment with attractive prices
  • installation for free
  • prepared for HDTV (high definition television) and services of virtual video rental (Video on Demand)
  • premium features – pause and rewind TV broadcast, replay an ongoing program from the beginning, mosaic…
  • virtual video recorder included in the price

At the same time you get with us:

  • experience and background of the largest telecommunication company in Europe
  • professional quality and approach
  • customer support
  • 3P (triple play) solution – Internet, television and voice from one provider and on one technical platform
  • continuous pro-active network supervision

Technical and other information

The viaTV is available through the telecommunication connection, which has already been installed in your apartment. Due to the use of high-capacity optical distribution frames, the signal is coded in the MPEG-2 well-proven professional system (employed for example in case of DVDs), which uses a larger bandwidth on the network but provides for a high-quality picture and sound. Subsequently, the digital quality signal is transmitted to its destination by using the Internet Protocol, by means of the so-called multicast transmission. Due to the quality of the network, the data flow of the television signal (approx. 6 Mb/s) in no way restrains the rate of the Internet viaGIA connection. The service is not bound to ordering connection to the viaGIA Internet service or the viaPhone telephone service, as it is so at some ADSL operators.

The connection has already been technically prepared for television broadcasting in high-definition quality (HDTV – High Definition TV) and services of a virtual video rental (VoD – Video on Demand) as well.

Necessary technical equipment

The output device for watching viaTV is a standard television set (LCD, plasma…) connected through the IP set-top box. You may lease the IP set-top box from our company or you may buy it (this option is to be selected in the Contract for the viaTV service). The set-top box on offer already provides for digital picture output (HDMI) as well as digital sound output (optical as well as metallic one). Further details on the set-top box are available here.

Enhanced TV – doing tricks with TV

Enhanced TV provides premium functions which significantly increase user comfort, within the price for the service.

Enhanced TV provides the following new functions:

Pause the TV broadcast

The pause function pauses the live broadcast (for example if you need to use the bathroom) and then turns it on again exactly where it was paused.

Replay a program from the beginning

This function enables replaying an ongoing program from the beginning. Typical use of this function is when you miss the beginning of an interesting program.

Rewind the TV broadcast

Enables rewinding a program (and returning to the original place) and pausing. Suitable for repeated playback of an interesting scene or for skipping commercials. Note: It is not possible to fast-forward a live broadcast.

Video recording

Recording by means of a virtual video recorder – no need to connect anything to the set-top box or install any new device. Besides standard recording of live broadcast, it is possible to record programs with a timer when you are not present. It is possible to watch a different channel than the one you are recording, or record multiple channels simultaneously.


An improved version of the Picture in Picture function – displays multiple TV channels simultaneously. viaTV supports up to nine channels on a single screen. This function helps gain a better overview of what is on.


Self-Care enables users to order extra channels in the form of themed packages. The current Self-Care offer is listed in the Price List and the Program Offer (list of channels) here on the website. Self-Care is not available for viaTV Basic.



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